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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs a CMO-as-a-Service

Feeling Overwhelmed? You’re Not Alone:
As an entrepreneur, navigating the business landscape can often feel daunting. In fact, recent statistics reveal that nearly 80% of entrepreneurs experience overwhelm at some point. But here’s the good news: partnering with a CMO-as-a-Service can be your game-changer!


Are the intricacies of marketing leaving you perplexed? Are you struggling to connect with your target audience or unsure how to maximize your marketing budget? This is where a CMO-as-a-Service steps in.

Your Marketing Superhero: Think of us at Make My Day Group as your personal marketing maestros, ready to orchestrate your brand’s success story. From devising comprehensive marketing strategies to executing campaigns that resonate with your audience, we’re here to turn your vision into reality.

Savings and Insights:
By outsourcing your marketing leadership, you not only save on the cost of a full-time executive but also gain access to a wealth of expertise and industry insights. Our service can help streamline your operations and guide you through creating impactful marketing plans, ensuring your resources are invested wisely.

Lost in the business maze? It’s time to chart a clear course with a strategic plan that aligns with your vision.

Your Business Compass:
A CMO-as-a-Service acts as your strategic partner, helping you define your brand identity, position your product in the market, and identify opportunities for growth. With our guidance, navigating the dynamic world of business becomes an exciting journey, not a daunting task.

Marketing Strategy:
Crafting a strategy shouldn’t be a chore. With our collaborative approach, we ensure the process is engaging and tailored to your unique business needs. Let’s transform your business aspirations into achievable goals and set you on a path to success.

A mentor can be your business’s lifeline, offering guidance, support, and invaluable insights.

Beyond Advice:
As your CMO-as-a-Service, we go beyond traditional mentorship. We bring to the table real-world experience and a network of professionals to support your growth. Our goal is to help you avoid common pitfalls, set realistic goals, and achieve them with confidence.

Statistics Don’t Lie:
Companies with mentors like us have a higher chance of success. Studies show that mentored businesses grow significantly faster and have a better survival rate. Let’s join forces to ensure your business not only survives but thrives.

As an entrepreneur, having a CMO-as-a-Service like Make My Day Group is not just a luxury—it’s a strategic decision that can propel your business to new heights.

Ready to revolutionize your marketing and business strategy? Let’s tailor a solution that perfectly aligns with your unique business requirements.

What they are saying...

"Sabrina is a powerhouse of expertise and vision. Her commitment to fostering both startups and established businesses is genuinely inspiring. What sets her apart is her unique ability to see potential and catalyze innovation in any setting. I've benefited immensely from her wisdom and guidance. If you get the opportunity to collaborate with her, don't hesitate! Sabrina is a gem in the business world. Thanks for all your insights, Sabrina!"
Tessa Wardenburg
Co-founder SCIMM & founder Wardenburg Tailors
"Sabrina was an absolute game-changer. She ignited my business success with her transformative mentorship. From providing structure to bringing ideas to life, her guidance was invaluable.
With vast knowledge and experience, she understood my goals and vision from the start. Her expertise laid a strong foundation for our collaboration.
Her ability to provide structure and organization was exceptional. She streamlined my thoughts, identified priorities, and created a clear roadmap. This clarity empowered me to execute strategies confidently.
What set her apart was her talent for turning ideas into actions. She assessed concepts, addressed challenges, and offered invaluable insights and suggestions. Her support fueled innovative solutions and creative approaches.
Beyond expertise, her unwavering support was priceless. Always available for guidance and encouragement, she inspired me to surpass limits and strive for greatness.
Under her mentorship, my business thrived. From optimizing operations to refining marketing strategies, she enabled me to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.
In conclusion, Sabrina's impact was remarkable. Her structure, idea implementation, and unwavering support were unparalleled. I highly recommend her mentorship to anyone seeking business success. I am forever grateful for her transformative influence."
Gitte Gys
Soulful Growth & Colorbar
"You're amazing, Sabrina Polakoff! It is an absolute privilege to have you as a mentor!  You're always happy to help; you have a fresh pair of eyes, share great expertise, you're helpful with new ideas, and create more structure in my muddled and windswept head.  But the thing I like the most, after a meeting with you, I have so much more energy, and it feels like I can lift the world with one hand. Thank you so much! 🙌🏼"
Lore Aerts
Co-founder - Yeat

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