Every week should start with an analysis of the previous week’s initiatives in order to learn from the results and make better decisions for upcoming initiatives.

Before launching an initiative, there are 3 fundamental questions that need to be answered:
1. What is the goal for this initiative?
2. How will I reach my goal?
3. How will I measure the success of my initiative?

Analysing your data is fundamental to your growth. It’s important to do it regularly to make better decisions for your business and your team. It will bring you invaluable information about what is happening within your company and also allow you to understand your customers’ needs better and therefore evolving with their needs. 

Below are examples of some analytics that you can do to better understand your business.


Social media analytics & (click-through rate), website analytics, email newsletter analytics including A/B testing, conversions from campaigns, etc.


Sales evolution (weekly, monthly & yearly), product buying evolution, sales team targets vs. actual, repeat customers vs. new customers, etc.


Analyse your survey results, customer feedback, testimonials, market research, returned products, new product feedback, etc.


Evaluate your customer Survey your team to understand their post-corona needs, analyse your team’s absenteeism, etc.

Try your version and see how it works for you.
You can download this picture as a recap.

I wish you all a lovely week!