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About us

About Us

At Make My Day Group, we’re not just a team of experts in business consulting, franchising, and brand auditing; we’re also a group of fun-loving, problem-solving, and determined individuals. From Sabrina, the business turnaround queen, to Patrick, the master negotiator and real estate guru, we’ve got the skills and experience to take your business to the next level. But don’t just take our word for it; let us show you how we can Make Your Day!


Sabrina Polakoff


Sabrina founded Make My Day Group in 2006 with the mission to inspire businesses with a roadmap to build their success. After many years of working in the corporate world, she realized that she had a talent for turning around and developing businesses and a knack for making meetings less dull.

Her motto has always been that passion, communication, and a good sense of humour are the key drivers to success.

Make My Day Group obviously benefits from her 35 years of experience. Her expertise is in business development, operations, sales, and marketing. More specifically in fashion, luxury cosmetics, retail, child development, and wellness, including:

The Little Gym Europe (Child development franchises) VF Group (Kipling Worldwide) Gucci Group (YSL Beauté Benelux) L'Oréal Group USA (Prestige & Collection Perfumes) Macy’s USA (Retail Buying Group) Clarins USA (Marketing) Nina Ricci USA (Marketing) Sanofi Beauté USA (Marketing) Jacadi USA (Retail)

In our team, Sabrina's expertise brings her to different parts of the world on diversified projects. These touch on brand audit, franchising and business consulting. But don't worry; she always brings back cute souvenirs!

Lastly, to give back to entrepreneurs, Sabrina is also an active mentor of Start It @KBC, an intensive, challenging 1-year acceleration program. Because let's face it, starting a business is hard enough without figuring out how to do it alone.

Make My Day Group - Patrick Huybrechts

Patrick Huybrechts


Patrick's journey started with a bang, working with his dad in the family slot machine business. He learned the ins and outs of running a business and even picked up some mad negotiation skills while working with café owners and breweries. But he didn't stop there.

After realizing that café owners needed more help than just slot machines, the family business added accounting services to their offerings. And let me tell you, café owners were ecstatic to work with accountants who understood their biz. This allowed Patrick to develop his finance flair and build relationships with banks and the tax man.

But, as the saying goes, 'why stop at one thing when you can have two?' So, Patrick decided to branch out into real estate and build a portfolio of properties that he manages like a boss.

His motto has always been that negotiation and communication are the key drivers to success, and at Make My Day Group, he puts that philosophy to work. Patrick helps entrepreneurs and companies mediate and negotiate conflicts, whether shareholder disagreements or rental contracts that need re-negotiating. He's a master at finding solutions that make everyone happy. In short, Patrick is a jack-of-all-trades in real estate investment and management, mediation, and negotiation, and he's passionate about working with entrepreneurs. So, if you need help with anything, give him a call. He'll make your day.

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