With Covid-19 coming out of nowhere and completely changing our habits and way of operating our businesses, one of the very first thing to be cut was the marketing investments in order to control costs.  Was this the correct strategy for your business?

What have you put in place to retain your customers during the shut down of your business and once you have reopened?  What new way of marketing have you tried so that your customers continued to have an engagement with your brand (example: online offering)?  What have you found to work?

Evaluate your marketing strategy and adapt to the new expectations your customers have for your business.  What should you be focusing on?  What strategy will you put in place to retain your current customers and also create awareness for new customers?
– Word of mouth
– Digital marketing
– Grassroots efforts
– Local advertising
– Public relations
– Work with local blogger / influencer
– Small events (respecting local authorities guidelines)

Measure the impact of your marketing investments, what has your return on investment (ROI) been so far this year for each marketing channel (online & offline)?  How has this changed pre and post Covid?

Have you updated your marketing plan to work with your budget and thoughts from the questions above?

Let us know what you has worked for your business.

See you next week for the hot topic of costs and how to work on a smaller budget.