Your business strategy post Covid N°2: Your team

Your team and their well-being is the key to your success.  From the moment an employee onboards, it’s important to have an open communication and growth plan for them.   QUESTION 1: Is your team still home working?  If so, have you done an evaluation of how that is working out for them and what you can improve to make their work/life balance better?  QUESTION 2:How has Covid redefined your company’s vision?  Have you included […]

Your business strategy post Covid N°1: Your products / services offering

Schedule a full day with your team to brainstorm and ask yourself: QUESTION 1:Analyse your sales numbers and have a base for discussion.  What percentage of your sales and profit do your top 5 products / services represent? QUESTION 2:Which of your product/services bring in the most profit?  How has this evolved since Covid? QUESTIONS 3:Do you […]