Business Mentoring vs. Business Consulting

While a lot of information is available online and through different associations, workshops, blogs and your network, if you are starting your business or looking to grow your business, you will save a lot of time and money reaching out to a business consultant or a business mentor that has the experience needed in your field in order for you to achieve the success you are looking for quicker. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO READ MORE.

Your business strategy post Covid N°4: Analysing your costs

Strategy review: Week 4 Analysing your costs In general, we tend to not spend enough time on rethinking our general costs. Now that you have revised your yearly budget, it's important to have a brainstorm with your team to determine your strategy for the next 12 to 24 months and how to best invest your hard earned money. Here are a couple of ideas of topics to bring up during your meeting. CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO CONTINUE READING.

Your business strategy post Covid N°3: Your marketing

Strategy review: Week 3 Your marketing With Covid-19 coming out of nowhere and completely changing our habits and way of operating our businesses, one of the very first thing to be cut was the marketing investments in order to control costs. Was this the correct strategy for your business? CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO CONTINUE READING.