Mindset Monday: Invest Smart

When was the last time you did an in-depth analysis of your return on investment? How about planning time this week to review your forecasted investments for the rest of the year and start budgeting for next year?As many industries continue to rethink their strategy and as consumers are shifting their way of working, buying, … Continue reading Mindset Monday: Invest Smart

Mindset Monday: Motivation

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."Winston Churchill In the past week, I have heard and read about there being a lack of motivation, not sleeping well, climate change disasters, vacations being cancelled, and of course, this pandemic that doesn't seem to end. The result is … Continue reading Mindset Monday: Motivation

Business Mentoring vs. Business Consulting

Is your company at a standstill or are you just turning your idea into a business? What is the best support for you? While a lot of information is available online and through different associations, workshops, blogs and your network, if you are starting your business or looking to grow your business, you will save … Continue reading Business Mentoring vs. Business Consulting