5-Minutes of inspiration with Grécie Van Innis from Just Waldo

Sustainability is the word we have all learned to add to our vocabulary and lifestyle recently! What does this mean in terms of fashion sustainability?  Is fast fashion being replaced by secondhand vintage clothes where quality and pricing offer individuals the opportunity to constantly have a new wardrobe and give their clothes a second chance […]

5-Minutes of Inspiration with Christine Kelly from Little Kickers

Success in FranchisingMore Than Just Football Franchising is a business model that is not always thought about when looking at expanding a business domestically and internationally.  According to Forbes, over 35,000 franchises are sold each year, representing $27 billion dollars in investment capital.  Franchises are available in growing sectors including food, hotels, sports, education, health, retail, and […]

5-Minutes of Inspiration with Shari Roosens from Luxeparel

Offering a second life to luxury goods Sustainability is in!  Consumers are looking for sustainability and have shifted to thrift buying.  We sat down with Shari Roosens who jumped right into the trend and started her own online business this year selling vintage luxury products (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories (jewellery, scarves, shoes) and even Louis Vuitton travel books […]