The Massage Company

Franchise Opportunity –
Belgium Master Franchisor

The Belgian wellness market has grown by 35% in the past 10 years and consistently grows year on year. Belgians spend 15% of their income on their health and well-being.  

In the past 10-15 years, the membership-based model of massage centers has become extremely popular. With more than 2.000 openings in the last 10 years, it is a solid growing franchise business.

This is an excellent opportunity for a Master Franchise to be established in Belgium, where this concept doesn’t exist. 

Massage is proven to help with stress, aid relaxation, raise alertness and assist in recovery from treatment and surgery. But for most, massage is still occasional, often of mediocre quality, and frequently expensive.

The Massage Company is changing this.

Powerful beliefs drive this young brand: to make it easier for people to benefit from massage, make it a monthly routine, and change people’s understanding of the positive effects regular massage can have on different aspects of their lives.

Bringing high-quality massage to the mainstream.
– variety of optional treatment with optional upgrades
– fantastic facilities in highly convenient locations
– certified Training Programme for staff
– reasonable price

Founded by Charlie Thompson and Elliot Walker, The Massage Company™ opened its first centre in Camberley, UK in March 2016 and is expanding internationally.

Be the innovator in the wellness sector in Belgium, this is a great opportunity to address the mental wellness challenge left behind by Covid.