Franchise Opportunities

Little Kickers is now the largest provider of pre-school football classes in the world. Operating across 6 continents, in 33 countries, through a network of over 330 franchisees, over 70,000 kids participate in their programs every week.

Be a part of this successful network with the following opportunities.

Opportunity – India
Will you be the Master Franchisor in India?

In addition to the single, unit franchise option, Little Kickers also offer the opportunity to take on Master Franchise rights in many countries. This involves a Master Franchisee taking on the exclusive rights to replicate the Little Kickers business model in their own country, and to sell on franchises and support a network on an ongoing basis. Extensive training and ongoing support is provided by the Little Kickers Head Office Team.

To date, Little Kickers Master Franchisees are successfully operating in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ecuador, Malaysia, Brazil, China, Portugal and Turkey. Little Kickers is currently offering Master Franchisors opportunities for India.

Master Franchising provides ambitious, motivated individuals with a strong business background, with the opportunity to develop a large, successful business in their own country, with the benefit of the sound training and experienced guidance provided by Little Kickers Head Office.

Prospective franchisees who are interested in taking on the Master Franchise rights for countries where English is not the first language, must speak the language of the country they are interested in developing fluently, and should also have a strong business background. Little Kickers have developed an English Language Programme which enables participants in our classes to learn English whilst they attend Little Kickers sessions. The English Language Programme can be incorporated into the Master Franchise package for no additional charge, at the option of the Master Franchisee.

Opportunity – Worldwide Brand Visibility
Eco-friendly Sponsoring Project

The football industry has flown under the environmental radar for the production of their uniforms which are 100% made of polyester which is a synthetic petroleum based fibre that doesn’t naturally biodegrade and the oil used in the production process is extremely inefficient. All uniforms are bagged in single-use plastic as per industry standards.

Little Kickers have been no exception and is currently responsible for production of over 100,000 polyester uniforms per year.

Little Kickers have identified a supplier who can produce great quality football strips from yarn that is made out of plastic water bottles which have been harvested from the ocean and uniforms can be packaged in biodegradable bags.

As a guardian of football for new generations, Little Kickers is making a stand as franchisees and customers are demanding change and are looking for an organisation to partner with to make this project possible!

Your brand can benefit from this partnership worldwide in 33 countries.
70,000 children (18 months to 7 years) take part in a class around the world every week.
3,5 million unique class visits per year
– 500,000+ social media followers

Partner with Little Kickers to collaborate on an innovative social project which will improve the lives of children in a developing country while also having a positive impact on the environment.