Crisis Management

Make My Day Group Crisis Management

Has your organization dealt with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm your future? Having a crisis management plan in place is as fundamental as having insurance. It should be available when you need it to use in case of emergency. Our division works with companies of all sizes on developing a crisis management plan. This will unquestionably allow you to tackle eventual crisis with a critical focus on:
General management: what to do in case of a crisis? who is responsible for what?
Business development: speaking to your clients and continuing to sell
Operations: optimizing your processes and evaluate what needs to be updated
Marketing & communication: omni channel communication on the crisis
Talent: assign the right people to the crisis
Training: train on new skills that are needed to be respond

Before The Crisis

The first thing to remember is that crisis happen. For example, Covid has shown to corporations worldwide, that every company needs a crisis management plan.

Develop your crisis management plan now. Be ready to face the next crisis. The basic plan includes:
– Developing a plan to manage the uncertainty
– Putting a crisis management team together. In that case, they will be called on to respond rapidly.
Crisis response checklist

During The Crisis

During this period, it’s important to realize that business operations will continue and at the same time:
– Face the new reality as soon as the crisis starts
– Ensure proper communication with customers
– At this point, adapt to supply & demand
Restructure costs and review cash management
Review technology offers
Review of internal talent responsibilities

After The Crisis

Afterwards, emerge stronger with a short, medium, and long-term vision.
– A new way to lead
Drive customer engagement
Reshaping your organization
Transforming the future
Evaluation of crisis management process