Business Consulting

Make My Day Group Business Consulting

Why does every entrepreneur need business consulting?
After all, a lot of information is available online and through different workshops, blogs, employees, and your network. Basically, as your business coach, we will work with you on a custom-made program. Additionally, we will share our wisdom and experience.

Consulting Services

We are here to navigate you through every step in subsequently expanding your brand notoriety. As well as generate more turnover for your company.  
We evaluate your current business module. Afterwards, we help you improve it by bringing new ideas to increase your market share and profit. As a matter of fact, you can count on us as on-demand talent.

Working with us will allow you to focus on what matters:
– We will work with you on an action plan to grow your business
– Share precious advice and direction when you need guidance
– Be a sounding board offering solutions when challenges arise
Share our extensive network
– Be a trusted partner
Optimize and digitalize your processes

With this in mind, a business expert may be just what you need on your board of directors.

Business Strategy

Do you have an action plan designed to achieve your goals in the long run?
We will help you define your brand strategy. In this case, this includes:
– Product/service offering
– Sensory experience
– Marketing mix and branding
– Sales and business development
– Distribution 
– Customer journey
– Customer service
– Operations procedures & development
– Team structure

Leadership Development

Are you developing team leaders to support the growth of your organization?
Leaders set the brand vision. Coupled with goals, this ensures that every team member is equally important. Without a doubt, it will help you reach company targets as a team.

Given that, is your leadership style dynamic and hence inspiring?

In short, let us coach your team to become better leaders.