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We offer a range of services in order to help you achieve the results you’re after.

Firstly, business consulting. Our services and expertise is in international marketing, business strategy, and business development.
Secondly, franchising. If you are looking for a business model such as franchising, working with an expert will, without a doubt, help you see all the angles. Our franchising services are your go to partner.
Finally, crisis management. As a matter of fact, we can’t emphasize enough the need to have a plan in place in the event your brand or company is in crisis.

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Business Consulting

Franchising your business

Crisis Management

Business Consulting

Make My Day Group Business Consulting

Why does every entrepreneur need business consulting?
After all, a lot of information is available online and through different workshops, blogs, employees, and your network. Basically, as your business coach, we will work with you on a custom-made program. Additionally, we will share our wisdom and experience.

Consulting Services

We are here to navigate you through every step in subsequently expanding your brand notoriety. As well as generate more turnover for your company.  
We evaluate your current business module. Afterwards, we help you improve it by bringing new ideas to increase your market share and profit. As a matter of fact, you can count on us as on-demand talent.

Working with us will allow you to focus on what matters:
– We will work with you on an action plan to grow your business
– Share precious advice and direction when you need guidance
– Be a sounding board offering solutions when challenges arise
Share our extensive network
– Be a trusted partner
Optimize and digitalize your processes

With this in mind, a business expert may be just what you need on your board of directors.

Business Strategy

Do you have an action plan designed to achieve your goals in the long run?
We will help you define your brand strategy. In this case, this includes:
– Product/service offering
– Sensory experience
– Marketing mix and branding
– Sales and business development
– Distribution 
– Customer journey
– Customer service
– Operations procedures & development
– Team structure

Leadership Development

Are you developing team leaders to support the growth of your organization?
Leaders set the brand vision. Coupled with goals, this ensures that every team member is equally important. Without a doubt, it will help you reach company targets as a team.

Given that, is your leadership style dynamic and hence inspiring?

In short, let us coach your team to become better leaders.


Make My Day Group Franchising

Have you thought about franchising your business as a business expansion strategy rather than corporate growth?

In fact, if you haven’t explored franchising to expand your business, now is the time to explore this type of business model.

To begin with, as a franchisor, you license your know-how, procedures, intellectual property, business model use, brand, and rights to sell your branded products/services to a franchisee. With the result that, the franchisee pays specific fees and agrees to comply with certain obligations.

Thinking About Franchising

Make My Day Group works with you to evaluate your business model in order to assess the feasibility of franchising it.

For this purpose, you need to be ready to offer a contract to a franchisee so that they can do business in a selected territory. You will need to offer support in opening, training, merchandising, marketing, and operations. To that end, you will earn a management fee and/or mark-up the price of the goods you supply.

All things considered, you can only become a successful franchisor if you already operate a successful business. Obviously, you also need a good track record and have sufficient management and financial resources to develop and support a franchise network.

Expanding Your Franchise

At this point, you have now franchised your brand. Subsequently, you now feel you need to develop your brand to the next growth spurt?

How can you speed up your development? As a matter of fact, you may be asking yourself if you should open corporate units to penetrate new markets?

Developing a successful franchise network requires careful planning, continuous monitoring, advice, as much as support from franchise professionals.

In order to speedup you expansion, a franchising expert is just what you need on your board.

With this in mind, let us work with you on developing your franchise business. You can pick and choose from our available services.

Our Franchise Services

At Make My Day Group, we help you develop the tools that are needed to support your franchise network successfully and to optimize and digitalize your processes, including:

The first question you ask yourself when becoming a franchisor is, “where am I going to find franchisees that are going to invest in my business”?   To do so, you need to have a proven business model and a product/service for which there is a market.
We work with you on defining your business development strategy, defining your territories, market research, competitive analysis, and pricing structure.

This is where the journey begins for new franchisees. It’s essential to have a story to sell your franchise and to have the proper tools available to build your credibility. At this stage, we will work with you on the selection process, sales scripts, and content for your Discovery Day.

This is the growth support that a franchisor invests in and includes:
– Training
– Operations manual
– Business advisor support
– Automating processes
– Technology support
– Human Ressources

Marketing is about generating awareness for your product/services and creating a demand for them in the B-to-B and B-to-C environments.  Without proper branding and marketing, your success will be limited.  
Our offer includes: 
– Development of general branding, including look & feel.
– Centralized branding with platforms available for usage by franchisees for one common communication strategy.
– Development of digital marketing plan and social media strategy.

Crisis Management

Make My Day Group Crisis Management

Has your organization dealt with a disruptive and unexpected event that threatens to harm your future? Having a crisis management plan in place is as fundamental as having insurance. It should be available when you need it to use in case of emergency. Our division works with companies of all sizes on developing a crisis management plan. This will unquestionably allow you to tackle eventual crisis with a critical focus on:
General management: what to do in case of a crisis? who is responsible for what?
Business development: speaking to your clients and continuing to sell
Operations: optimizing your processes and evaluate what needs to be updated
Marketing & communication: omni channel communication on the crisis
Talent: assign the right people to the crisis
Training: train on new skills that are needed to be respond

Before The Crisis

The first thing to remember is that crisis happen. For example, Covid has shown to corporations worldwide, that every company needs a crisis management plan.

Develop your crisis management plan now. Be ready to face the next crisis. The basic plan includes:
– Developing a plan to manage the uncertainty
– Putting a crisis management team together. In that case, they will be called on to respond rapidly.
Crisis response checklist

During The Crisis

During this period, it’s important to realize that business operations will continue and at the same time:
– Face the new reality as soon as the crisis starts
– Ensure proper communication with customers
– At this point, adapt to supply & demand
Restructure costs and review cash management
Review technology offers
Review of internal talent responsibilities

After The Crisis

Afterwards, emerge stronger with a short, medium, and long-term vision.
– A new way to lead
Drive customer engagement
Reshaping your organization
Transforming the future
Evaluation of crisis management process