What can Make My Day Group do for you?

Activities organized by Make My Day Group:

  • Encouraging employees to be physically active
  • Providing employees the opportunity to practice and adopt a variety of strategies to reduce and manage stress.
  • Encouraging employees to find resources in the community to enhance their health and well-being, and to share these resources with other co-workers.
  • 10 week wellness challenge to help employees eat smart.
  • Encouraging employees to practice health enhancing behaviors such as eating smart, moving more, and managing stress.
  • 12 week weight loss and maintenance support group which enables employees to encourage and hold one another accountable as each works toward attaining or maintaining a healthy weight.

Also organized by Make My Day Group:

  • General employee onboarding
  • Organization of health risk assessments, stress reduction programs, disease screening, exercise programs, nutrition education.
  • Guidance on all phases of corporate wellness programs and provision of ongoing support for all involved.
  • Communication around the corporate wellness program
    • Launch letter describing the employee wellness program
    • Email notices with a list of employee wellness activities and calendar
    • Monthly wellness newsletter
    • Wellness board & monthly employee recognition social media page/intranet
  • Organization of a yearly health fair day in your offices including experts from health care companies; blood sugar, cholesterol screening and blood pressure checks; natural health professionals, fitness clubs, relaxation professionals, yoga professionals, etc.
  • Organize health club discounts for employees and their families.
  • Bring in an instructor to teach a few classes on meditation, yoga, or deep relaxation so employees can experience the benefits.
  • Work with your cafeteria to offer daily healthy meals and snacks.
  • Organization of a lunchtime walking group.
  • Wellness coaching.
  • Healthy meal tasting contest.
  • Educational sessions during lunch time on different health and nutrition subjects.
  • Development of a digital employee healthy food cookbook.
  • Organize team building activities around health during your sales seminars.