Sabrina Polakoff
Founder – Make My Day Group

When I was little, I was always passionate about everything natural and related to the sense of smell. I collected all kinds of perfumes, made natural cosmetics that I tried endlessly on myself and my family. Sometimes we did look like we were from another planet but practice makes perfect. At that point, my passion led me to study in New York at The Fashion Institute of Technology, as it was the only school in the world that offers a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing specialised in cosmetics and perfumes. I was destined to be part of the perfume and cosmetics industry for quite some time. For 20 years, I had the privilege to work for some of the most prestigious brands in the world, to work with amazing and talented people and to discover an amazing world of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

In 1993, I met the love of my life in New York. He was from Antwerp in Belgium. After traveling back and forth from New York to Belgium for a year, we decided to get engaged and I moved to Belgium and got married in 1995. This was followed by the birth of our 2 beautiful children, Sophia & Sebastian.

I continued working in the cosmetic industry in Europe and then worked for a bag brand as their worldwide marketing & communication director. Another fantastic experience which allowed me to follow another personal passion for traveling, discovering new cultures, learning new rituals and traditions.

In 2007, I decided to start my own company so I created Make My Day Group which first launched its marketing & communication consulting department. In 2008, scent marketing was added and I started to go back to my childhood passion. I developed and manufactured a sleep well ritual with the first teddy bear made with aromatherapy to help children fall asleep with a story book and a classical music CD. This product was awarded the Toy of the year award in Belgium in 2009 and was nominated as baby product of the year in The Netherlands.
At that time we all got hit by the economic crisis and as with any new business, we headed towards a rocky road.

I then decided to go back to school and study another passion of mine – naturopathy. I became a licensed naturopath with diplomas in nutrition, aromatherapy & phytotherapy and was ready to help people heal naturally. In 2010, natural wellness focusing on natural therapies was launched focusing on nutrition, aromatherapy and phytotherapy in private consultations. There is nothing more rewarding than to be able to heal people with natural solutions.

Today, I want to share with you my inspirations with you that have taken me through my journey and have helped me have a better life, better health and to be happy.