Welcome to Make My Day Cosmetics, your made to measure collection of 100%  natural essential oil based cosmetics for your daily well being.

You are in charge of your health and the decisions you make can affect the rest of your life and your family’s lives.  In a recent study, women wear an average of 500 chemicals per day, this is not even counting your air fresheners, cleaning products, daily pollution and food that has been treated with pesticides.  

Take charge of your body and your health now and be conscious of what you apply to your body - let mother nature perform.  Essential oils will allow you to control your life and environment and improve your well-being physically, mentally and spiritually.  They have been used for centuries all over the world and their efficiency is proven.  Unlike chemical drugs, essentials oils do not remain in the body and leave no toxins behind.

Make My Day Cosmetics makes custom made products for you with 100% natural superior quality essential oils for your own needs taking into consideration your personal needs.  Each product is made fresh and contains no preservatives.  Our products are not tested on animals.

All blends are composed by Sabrina Polakoff, S.N.C.H. H.I. Dip., owner of Make My Day Group, who is a licensed naturopath specialized in nutrition therapy, aromatherapy and phytotherapy.

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  • FACE

    Did you ever think that using 100% natural vegetable oils with 100% pure essential oils might be more beneficial to your health and skin than your regular cream?

  • BODY

    Be happy to look at your body in the mirror and accept what you have been given.  Enhance it with 100% pure essential oils.


    Take care of your hands and feet, they are the body parts that you use the most everyday.

  • BATH

    Are you already relaxing?  Treat yourself.  Add our luxurious bath oils to your bath and let the essential oils add a film to your skin and allow yourself to enjoy the benefits.


    You did it!  Don't let a small injury stop you from exercising.


    Sensual body products with pure sensual essential oils


    Allow your daily experiences to stay magical and full of great memories by keeping your family healthy.


    Discovering the world is exciting.  Take these travel essentials with you for an unforgettable experience.


    No need to worry about breathing chemicals while cleaning, make your own natural cleaning products and enjoy the benefits of essential oils!

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Showing 1 - 50 of 60 items
Showing 1 - 50 of 60 items