• Cosmetics


    Your made to measure collection of 100% natural essential oil based cosmetics for your daily well being.

  • Aromatherapy


    Essential oils will allow you to control your life and environment and improve your well-being physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Nutrition CONSULTATION


    The body is a powerful self regenerating organism.  Provide the body with the right conditions and it will heal itself.

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    Worldwide delivery through Bpost.  

  • About Make My Day Group

    Since 2007, Make My Day Group has worked with more than 500 customers on living a healthier lifestyle naturally.  

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Our mission is to facilitate a healthy lifestyle through natural therapies such as nutrition for healing, aromatherapy for physical and emotional well being and phytotherapy for total body wellness.

We work with our clients on prevention so that they lessen their chance of being sick.

We teach our clients and their families how to live a healthy lifestyle and balance healthy eating, physical activity and body, mind & spirit equilibrium by teaching them self-care and skills.