Marketing Fundamentals Workshop – Waiting list

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Get trained by Sabrina Polakoff who has had multiple management roles in marketing for some of the largest international companies as well as from her own entrepreneurial experiences.

During the Marketing Fundamentals workshop, you will learn about the general marketing mix in order for you to implement successful marketing strategies for your brand. You will be able to learn and apply as you go and have access to different templates to personalize your marketing strategy.


MODULE 1: Product, market research & target market (how to go from product/service idea to launch, which market research is right for you, how to identify your buyer’s persona, understanding your competition)

MODULE 2: Pricing & distribution (which pricing models and distribution channels are right for you?)

MODULE 3: Branding & promotion (defining your brand essence, what to include in your branding, and which marketing channels you should be focusing on)

MODULE 4: Customer journey (customer experience, defining your customer journey mapping)

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to network with all other participants and learn from their experiences.

FORMAT: There will be videos with the theory to watch before the workshop and also preparation based on the theme to be discussed. The 2-hours online workshop will consist of sharing what was prepared and exchanging it with Sabrina Polakoff and the other participants.

RESOURCES: Templates will be available for each module

LEVEL: Beginner for B2B & B2C brands