Want to turn your franchise into the place-to-be? Then, darling, you’re in the right spot! Boosting foot traffic isn’t just about bells and whistles—it’s about creating an experience. Dive into our fun-packed tips and get ready to tickle your customers’ curiosity. And, since we’re all about the extra sprinkle of glam, we’re putting the iconic Jacques Dessange under the spotlight!


  1. Alluring Window Displays:
    Think of window displays as silent salespeople. A captivating display is a blend of art and psychology. Utilize seasonal themes, trending colors, and strategic product placements. Maybe introduce movement or lighting effects. Rotate them regularly to keep returning customers intrigued. For instance, in winter, showcase cozy products with warm lights and soft hues to evoke warmth.

  2. Enticing Loyalty Programs:
    It’s always cheaper to retain existing customers than attract new ones. Loyalty programs, when executed correctly, become repeat business machines. Incorporate a system where customers earn points for purchases. But don’t just limit rewards to discounts. Consider exclusive previews, extended shopping hours, or personalized recommendations based on past purchases.

  3. Local Collaborations:
    Local businesses thrive when they support each other. Think about collaborations that make sense. A coffee shop next to a bookstore could offer discounts for mutual customers. Or, a fitness center could partner with a nearby health foods store for special deals. It’s about creating an ecosystem where local businesses and customers mutually benefit.

  4. Interactive Experiences:
    The modern customer is all about experiences. Think interactive kiosks, AR fitting rooms, or DIY customization stations. If you’re a fashion franchise, set up a mini runway where customers can strut their stuff in new outfits. For gadget stores, have tech-demo days where new products can be played with before purchasing.

  5. Engage on Social Media:
    The digital age is upon us! Create a content calendar for regular posts, teasers, and updates. Instagram polls about new product lines or Facebook Q&A sessions about upcoming sales give your audience a direct voice into your franchise’s decisions. User-generated content, like a monthly feature of a customer’s post, can generate community engagement and buzz.

  6. Host events:
    Workshops, product launches, or meet-and-greets. Hosting events can convert potential customers into loyal ones.

  7. Street Team Excitement:
    Marketing isn’t confined to four walls. Assemble an energetic team to take your brand to the streets. This could be through free samples, entertaining street performances, or interactive games tied to your product. This direct form of outreach can help in creating memorable brand impressions.

  8. Special Deals & Limited Time Offers:
    A ticking clock can be a powerful motivator. Flash sales or “happy hours” compel immediate action. Showcase these offers prominently in your store windows and on social media. A limited-time offer creates urgency and can convert those “maybe later” customers into “buy now” ones.

  9. Personal Touch:
    In the age of automation, personal touches stand out. Train staff to recognize and greet returning customers. Maintain a database to note customer preferences. Imagine walking into a store and being shown products based on past likes and dislikes! This not only speeds up the shopping process but also makes customers feel valued.

  10. Feedback Always Welcomed:
    A franchise that listens grows. Create feedback loops through in-store suggestion boxes, online surveys, or direct social media messages. When customers see their feedback implemented, it fosters trust and loyalty.

From its origins in the romantic streets of Paris to the bustling avenues of New York, Jacques Dessange isn’t just a salon; it’s an experience. Their mastery lies not just in offering exceptional hair and beauty services, but in creating a brand aura that’s simply irresistible.

How did they achieve this? First, they paid immense attention to storefront aesthetics. Whether it’s the iconic logo or the chic interiors visible from the street, passersby feel compelled to enter. Then there’s the curated experience—every Dessange salon worldwide feels luxurious yet accessible.

Their brand events, ranging from fashion show partnerships to hands-on workshops, have become the talk of the town, further enhancing their foot traffic.

Jacques Dessange teaches us that while offering top-notch services is essential, creating an experience around it is the ultimate key to success.

And there you have it, folks! Ten enchanting ways to make your franchise irresistible. As you implement these strategies, take inspiration from the best. Jacques Dessange didn’t just open salons; they crafted experiences. Time for you to do the same!

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