An Block has been my inspiration by introducing me to the world of yoga and bringing in balance in my hectic life as a business woman, mom and wife.  I had the pleasure of sitting down with An for my first interview in a new series I’m launching called “5 minutes of inspiration”.  In this series, I will be talking to inspirational people on how they have found the passion for what they do, their story and allow you to be inspired.

An became the aerobics teacher she dreamed of and for the next 12-15 years taught all kinds of classes from aerobics to body pump to body combat to spinning to Pilates.  The more challenging, the better, and this for 25 hours every week.  She just kept going even when being tired and with a cyst behind her knee which she postponed getting surgery on until she couldn’t teach anymore.  

In 2000, An took her first yoga class which she found interesting but not different than teaching other classes.  She was intrigued so she continued to take yoga classes internationally and started teaching it a little bit. 

2005 was the year that turned her life around, she fell in love with her husband who was her boss at one of the fitness clubs where she was teaching already for 13 years.   He allowed her to sleep in his club when she was going through a bad breakup and had always been caring.  After his divorce, An was helping him more in the fitness club and one thing led to another.  During a ski holiday, sparkles rose, and the rest is a beautiful love story. 

6 months later, An felt run down, was crying in the morning and felt her body was worn out.  Her husband said that she had to take care of herself.  It was the first time in her life that she felt safe enough to let go and let her body heal.  The accumulation of teaching, bad relationships and not taking care of herself led to a burn out for which she had blood transfusions and different treatments.  Nothing worked so she tried a few yoga classes and by the 3rd class she felt something change in her body.  This triggered her to become a yoga teacher so An got certified as a yoga teacher and her husband helped her build the confidence to start her yoga practice.

After years of healing, she wanted people to get the same experience she discovered through yoga, to feel their body and release their stress.  She wanted to show customers who thought that yoga was only for old people and very spiritual.  She gave her classes a unique voice and turned yoga into an energetic and fun experience with a twist of humour.  Today An teaches Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin/Yang yoga.  Yoga is An’s passion and she believes everyone needs it, everyone needs to listen to their body.

Through her journey An has been inspired by a lot of people. Her love of teaching came from her parents who were teachers.  She came from a big family where she learned to respect others.  Jane Fonda sparked her passion for aerobics and starting this adventure. The wrong boyfriends taught her all that she doesn’t want in life.  Her husband needs her for her sparkles, and she needs him for her peace.  Through all of her yoga teacher training, every teacher has inspired her in a different way.  She loves to learn and continues to do so.

What are her mottos in life?

  1. What are her mottos in life?
    1. Stay positive, live healthier to have more resistance, eat healthier but start slowly and build it up.
  2. Try a yoga class & feel your body
  3. Breath slower, pay attention to your breathing
  4. Be honest & be yourself
  5. Don’t start your sentence with “yes, but…”
  6. You’re never too old to change

An lives and teaches yoga classes in Antwerp, Belgium.  She organises yoga retreats every year from South Africa to Italy to Spain and other wonderful parts of the world.  An will add a special touch to your team events, does private classes and much more.  Do you want to experience her lively, funny, inspirational and all-round fantastic yoga?



Join a lesson in Antwerp:
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Private teaching Antwerpen Zuid:
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– Wednesday 10u30 YinYang Yoga
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