Your team and their well-being is the key to your success.  From the moment an employee onboards, it’s important to have an open communication and growth plan for them.  

Is your team still home working?  If so, have you done an evaluation of how that is working out for them and what you can improve to make their work/life balance better? 

How has Covid redefined your company’s vision?  Have you included your team in this reflection and what are their roles in this scenario? 

Have you taken a moment to step back and redefine the responsibility of each team member?

Covid has taken its toll on everyone, have you taken time to have a one-on-one with each team member to ask them how they are doing? 

These are small things that will make a difference in your team dynamics.

What are tips that you can share in regards to your team management?

See you next week for a reflection of your marketing strategy.

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